Why can't I start my service immediately?

We'll need a few days on our side to process your information and send it over to ERCOT and your utility company.

Service also can't be started on weekends or holidays, because we work with utilities like Oncor and Centerpoint to turn on your power, and they do not offer services on those days.

If you need to have power turned on by a certain date, please select the closest available start date prior to the date you require. However, if you require immediate service we will do our best to make it happen – please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online enrollment flow and select the earliest available start date on the calendar feature.
  2. Email us at texas@davidenergy.com and tell us your full name, service address, and required start date. (We must have this information in writing.)

Upon receipt of your email, we'll submit the switch order in accordance with your request, then email you back once complete. Keep in mind if you are switching to us prior to the termination of your prior retail electric contract that provider may charge you an Early Termination Fee (ETF) in accordance with their Electricity Facts Label (EFL) and Terms of Service (TOS).

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