How does the real-time wholesale rate (RTW) show up on my bill?

Your monthly solar credits are calculated by using the RTW (the wholesale price generated every 15 minutes by ERCOT), multiplied by your exported amount (the amount exported by your solar system) during that 15 minute period. The RTW is measured in terms of dollars per kWh, and the exported amount is the volume of solar energy you exported (measured in terms of kWh. If you’re interested in seeing your exact real-time wholesale rates (RTW), you can view them on the ERCOT website.

The RTW price we pay for solar is the actual wholesale market price as published by ERCOT (the Texas grid manager and market operator), and the exported amount is what is reported by your smart meter (viewable here at which we have access to as your Retail Electric Provider (REP).

Real-time wholesale prices average ~3¢/kWh over a yearly period, but can spike up to 500¢/kWh during peak demand periods (like in the afternoons when it gets hotter, and everyone is turning their air conditioning on at the same time).

With your David Energy Solar Seller plan, you get back 90% of the RTW price on all your exports. This is listed as Solar Earnings on your bill.

Please note: There is up to a 5 day delay in RTW for pricing to settle. Because of this, your usage used and solar credit dates will not align perfectly.

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