My solar system produces the same amount of power that my house uses each month. Why do I still have a bill?

Even though your system produces equivalent energy to your usage, production and usage doesn’t always happen at the same time. During the day, you likely produce more energy than you need to power your home, which immediately gets sold back to the grid, unless you have a battery. At night, when your system isn’t producing power, you’ll be using energy from the grid unless you have stored energy.

Because energy prices change throughout the day, each kWh doesn’t import and export at the same price. If your imports are priced higher than your exports, you would be charged for that difference.

In addition, your plan may be subject to a delivery fee from your utility provider (like Oncor or Centerpoint) which you can see on the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). If you need a copy of your EFL, you can log into the portal.

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